Exclusive Video Interview: La Brea’s Santiago & Moore on the Sisters’ Relationship in Season 2

Lily Santiago and Michelle Vergara MooreIn the fourth episode of La Brea this season, thinking they may be killed by the wolves, Veronica (Lily Santiago) finally reveals to her sister, now going by Ella (Michelle Vergara Moore), the secret she’s been hiding, that she was the one who pointed her out to Aaron as the one to kidnap when she was a child. According to Santiago, who spoke with SciFi Vision last week, it’s a “great opportunity” for them to reconnect as sisters. “Obviously, until episode four, Veronica has sort of been back to her old self anytime she's interacting with Ella,” explained the actress. “Then, we find out why in episode four, and it's just only because this is a live or die moment, and we might just die. I don't want to die with this. I don't want to keep this. I need to release it not necessarily for forgiveness, which she luckily enough gets, but just to share it, to have it in the world, to have it known. So, now they have a chance to be open to trust each other again, to rely on each other again.”

The actress also teased that the characters get some great opportunities coming up in episodes six and seven to be there for each other.

“It's really nice to see Veronica finally lightening up and getting over that trauma,” added Moore, saying that it was a shocking reveal. “…I think that audiences will enjoy what happens in the next few episodes and seeing the new Veronica to see exactly what's going to happen with her…There are a couple of twists and turns that are about to come up.”

The two also spoke to the dynamic that has changed now that Ella is older than her younger sister. “They've have this relationship for so long of Veronica being the one in charge, being the protector, but also the boss,” said Santiago. “I think initially, that's part of the anger and confusion. There's joy upon reuniting, but there's also sadness, like she's in the hole again, and there's so many feelings. So, I think the dynamic is constantly [a] push and pull between who's sort of in charge, who's mothering the other one, who is taking care of the other one, who's allowing the other one to take care of them. That's really a fun and fascinating struggle, I think.”

“I think, essentially, Veronica will always be my big sister,” Moore told the site. “Even though I've lived a life beyond 10,000 BC, sort of like I’ve reached thirty years beyond what happened, I think that there is definitely still a part of her that is like, ‘Veronica you’re still my older sister.’”

For more, including the research Santiago did into Veronica’s trauma, the difficulties Moore had in playing a different version of a character someone else already portrayed, if they could survive themselves in the wild, and more, watch the full interview below, and be sure to catch an all-new episode of La Brea tomorrow night and every Tuesday on NBC.

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