Exclusive Video Interview: From Cast Members on the Mysteries of Season 2

FromFrom, which airs on MGM, takes place in a town that traps anyone who arrives. The residents struggle daily to survive the nightmares of the town, including the terrifying creatures that come out to hunt at night. Season two has brought with it a group of new residents from a bus that arrived from Grand Rapids, but also a bunch of new horrors as truths and origins of the town start to come to light.

In last week’s episode, Ellis (Corteon Moore) was accidentally stabbed and needed a blood transfusion from his father, the sheriff (Harold Perrineau). Having contracted some kind of strange disease from a man he met in the previous episode, Sheriff Boyd was reluctant to let Kristi (Chloe Van Landschoot), the town doctor, use his blood. However, in a surprising turn, he transferred his blood into one of the creatures (Jamie McGuire), which seemed to actually kill it, perhaps giving them a fighting chance against the them for once.

Recently, SciFi Vision spoke with Moore, Van Landschoot, and McGuire about the recent episodes and what’s to come. Watch the interviews below.

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