Bosch Legacy Stars Titus Welliver & Mimi Rogers on the Season 2 Finale

Bosch LegacyRecently, the season two finale of Bosch Legacy premiered on Amazon Freevee. In the episode, at the conclusion of the Lexi Parks case, Chandler (Mimi Rogers) announced her plans to run for District Attorney. In another shocking twist, Preston Borders (Chris Browning) taunts Bosch (Titus Welliver), by telling Maddie (Madison Lintz) on the phone from prison that he’s killed Kurt Dockweiler (David Denman) at his request.

Recently, SciFi Vision spoke with stars Welliver and Rogers about Chandler becoming DA and what it means to her, how it could affect things for both of them, what the phone call really meant and how it could affect her chances, and more.

Watch the interview and read the full transcript below. The full season is now available to stream on Amazon Freevee.

SCIFI VISION:   To start off, I wanted to ask you a question, Titus. Maddie had asked him if he would ever work for Honey, and he said that he wasn't interested in that. So, is that the end of it? And also, even if he doesn't “work for her” aren't there ways that [her potentially being DA] could help him in his work? 

Bosch: Legacy TITUS WELLIVER:   Well, I think what Harry's saying he doesn't want to necessarily do - although he's resisted for obvious reasons, it's referred to as working for the dark side, which is the defense, but they have done that dance. And obviously, Harry is pulled into this case because of the fact that he realizes that this guy is being railroaded by the DA’s office, and it's just sloppy police work. So, when Maddie poses the question about him being her investigator, which kind of there's an undercurrent of that, Harry's response is an honest one. He goes, “Well, that's basically kind of delivering people to court and delivering subpoenas.” And that's not my bag, right?…[Harry’s] lifeblood is the investigation. But that being said, I don't think it's a - he would be in the employee of the city. So, you never know; you never know. I mean, certainly their relationship, Chandler and Bosch's relationship, is super solid. They're close. I think they've moved beyond the kind of, “I don't know about you, I don't know about you, or I need you” or this or that. They've done that dance. They've kind of come to terms with their relationship, and Bosch, Chandler, and Maddie are kind of a functioning but dysfunctional family in their own right. 

SCIFI VISION:   Then, Mimi, what does becoming the DA potentially mean for her? And if she does do that, will that leave her less time to help him with his problems?

MIMI ROGERS:   Well, I mean, it's gonna be interesting. We actually don't know yet what season three is going to be, but if I do end up running and do end up becoming the DA, what's kind of cool about Chandler is she's been around. She's been doing this for a long time. She's made a lot of money. And we see through this case with David Foster in season two, that she's come up against this kind of corruption, this situation where out of political needs, justice is sort of being tossed into the corner and that the DA is willing to have this guy railroaded sort of to protect his chances in an election. She's really frustrated and disgusted and in a position where she can do whatever she wants, and sort of like, to heck with it. Obviously, she's made her her name as a defense attorney, but she's like, “This is ridiculous, and I'll frickin’ do it, do it kick-ass, and show them how it's done. Because Harry and honey are both about justice. So, I think that's what motivates her. It's like, “I don't need anybody's money. I'll just go in and kick ass and do it properly.” 

SCIFI VISION:   Now, obviously, like you said, you don't know about season three, and you couldn’t tell me even if you did, but I did want to talk about one of the end scenes where we find out supposedly, that Borders killed Dockweiler in prison. I would think that that would be a recorded phone conversation and could potentially be a setup for something else, rather than just to, you know, cause issues for him and Maddie. Could you sort of talk about that? And then also, I question, if she does becomes DA, or is in the process of trying to become DA, that could also, I would think, put a strain on the two of them as well.

Bosch: LegacyTITUS WELLIVER:   100%. Look, first of all, yes, the call would be recorded. And the implications in Chandler running, she would have to - and Bosch would remove himself anyway, from her orbit, because Bosch genuinely believes that if anybody's going to make a difference, Chandler will go in there, and she will clean house, and she will restore integrity to the DAs office. So, I think he would obviously remove himself from that. But would it be a strain? Sure. Would he ever go and ask Chandler to do something on his behalf? It's not in his DNA to ask for help. He's just that kind of guy. But I think what comes into play there, and obviously we know it's Preston Borders, and he's a psychopath and a sociopath, so, either there's something there that he's manipulating to try to get Bosch, or Bosch has reached out and enlisted the aid of this guy that he knows is a psychopath. He can't get him out of prison. But who knows? So, it's very up in the air, but yeah, it would definitely create ripples. I just think as far as that, we know that Harry's thoughtful and protective, and in his nature, he would certainly try to distance himself from [Chandler]. You know, Maddie, he can't, [because] she has the last name, but with Chandler, he would just say, “Hey, I'm gonna stay away from you, because I don't want this; this is going to blow things up for you.” And you have to remember also, despite the fact that they got a work around and they beat the FBI at their own game, don't for a second think that the FBI - you know, that's a bone that they can't let go. So, who knows, right? There's a lot of variables that can come into play there. 

SCIFI VISION:   Right. And saying that makes me wonder, Mimi, what happened with the FBI, obviously, there was no charges per se brought yet, but, I mean, would that affect still her platform for running? Or is that something they wouldn’t be able to use?…I would think they could kind of [slander] her with that. 

MIMI ROGERS:   Well, if the FBI had been able to make anything stick, that would definitely be a problem, but, basically, the FBI fell for Chandler's bait and sort of stepped into the trap. So, she created a situation where anything and everything they had gathered evidence-wise was inadmissible, because it all went back to a warrant that hadn't been done properly. So, she evaded that situation and has not been charged with really or found guilty of anything. So, at least, for the moment, it wouldn't be a problem in her running. Now if the FBI continues to pursue [it], they could potentially make it a problem, but we don't know right now what's going to happen.

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