DVD Review: The DUFF - Out Now on Blu-ray & DVD

The DUFFBianca Piper is best friends with two of the popular girls in high school and is content with her ignorance of her place in the social pecking order, until her childhood friend and jock Wes (Robbie Amell) reveals to her at a party that she is the "DUFF" (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) of her group. She's the one that people approach because they feel more comfortable using her for information to find out about her friends. Insulted and no longer oblivious, noticing DUFFs in every social group, Bianca eventually strikes a deal with Wes to help her become more popular and to talk to her crush Toby (Nick Eversman) in return for tutoring him in Chemistry.

The two start to reform a friendship as Wes takes Bianca shopping and instructs her on social interaction with boys, but it's cut short when mean girl Madison (Bella Thorne) finds out about Bianca hanging out with Wes, her on-again-off again ex-boyfriend and makes it her mission to destroy her life.

The DUFFThe film, based on the book of the same name by Kody Keplinger, is a unique take on an old classic. While major plot points of the story were cliché, for the most part, the movie still felt fresh and relevant. The cliques in high school haven't changed, but the modes of torturing other students have only advanced with the invention of social media and sites like YouTube.

Although the things that Madison and her friends do to Bianca are quite cruel, the film does a really great job of infusing humor into the situations, making it quite the laugh-out-loud comedy rather than focusing on the pain and drama.

The film felt more geared to a high school or similar audience, but was still entertaining. The script is smart and engaging and keeps you laughing, though you still feel for Bianca.

The cast fit the film perfectly and they shine. Whitman and Amell play really well off of each other and have great chemistry.

In all, I really enjoyed the film and recommend it.

Special Features:

The Duff Hits the Red Carpet - This feature is only a few minutes long and is a bunch of quick clips cut together of the cast and crew talking about working with each other and making the film.

Extended Gag Reel - This feature is a little over three minutes and contains not only bloopers and such, but also quick funny clips from actor interviews.

Bringing the Book to Life - This feature is a little over two minutes and of the author talking about things such as how a film adaptation is always different from the book, and that, to her, it just mattered that the message got across.

The DUFFTeen Comedies and the Duff - This feature is about two minutes and is of the director and producer talking about high school films and growing up with them. A few of the actors also chime in.

I am the Duff - This is a few minutes long feature and explains the film and what a DUFF is. The cast, crew, and author talk about the themes in the film and Bianca's journey.

The Duff Files - A feature totaling over seven minutes that is made up of five parts that can be played separately if desired: Bianca, Wesley, Madison, Jess and Casey, and The Faculty of Malloy High. Each one is the actor or actors talking about their character, and their cast mates giving their input.

Also from Lionsgate - This is previews of the films Insurgent, Spare Parts, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and What If. All of these also play when you insert the disc.


The blu-ray set includes two discs (blu-ray and DVD) as well as the code for a Digital HD copy. It is in the normal blue clamshell case with cardboard sleeve.


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